The Best of Paris Fashion Week

The Paris Fashion week is one of the most auspicious occasions in the fashion industry. As the name suggests, the fashion week is held in Paris, France on a biannual basis. It is not specific to a particular venue but showcased at multiple different venues throughout the city. This year the Paris Fashion Week was scheduled from 28th of September to 7th of October.

  1. Saint Laurent: Outshining the marvel of France, the Eiffel Tower is no easy task, but it was accomplished this year by Anthony Vaccarello. Anthony Vaccarello’s show lit the stage and some might even argue, also outshone the Eiffel Tower. Tailored jackets, specially with prominent buttons of golden colour were showcased in the opening exits. Tall boots too were a prominent part of his show.
  2. LOEWE: This show was widely appreciated for it’s excellent display of craftsmanship coupled with patient construction. The neat tailoring was a stand out factor for the show. The indulgence of sculpture could be easily observed. The extravagant nature of this particular show greatly amused the world and they received wide praise from around the globe, making them on of the best shows in the Paris Fashion Week this year.
  3. Christian Dior: Like every other show, Dior too put up a very elegant show. The elegant way in the stage was set drew attention worldwide. The elegant was very pleasing and casual making it a very sober setting for the show. The signature midi skirts of Catherine Dior were showcased along with numerous other styles.
  4. Issey Miyake: This show stood out from the rest in the style and postures of the models. Their models were by far the most colourful and fresh. The influence of the newly appointed design director could be easily seen from the show. The distinguished choice of music also contributed to the overall appeal of the show.


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