Dos and don’ts for shinier silky hair


Don’t wash your hair regularly

Summer or winter, it is a myth that hairs should be washed regularly. Give your hair a break and wash you hair always after 1-2 days for healthy hair as using of dry shampoo and conditioner will result in hair fall and loosen your roots.

Don’t blow-dry

Don’t blow dry your hair all the time as it will give you a rough and dry hair unless you are in a hurry. Letting your hair to dry naturally is always the best way to have soft and shiny hair.

Do analyze the cause of your hair fall

Hair fall can be due to many reasons be it iron deficiency, intake of chemicals or any disease which you need to consult with a specialist without panicking. Your hair loss may be temporary or permanent according to which you need to get your treatment done.

Do eat essential nutrients

You body reacts according to what you eat and it is same for your hair too. Your body needs lot of water, seasonal fruits and protein, so your hair too. Nourish your body and hair with essential nutrients that it needs to remain healthy.

Do work out to reduce stress

50-100 strands of hair each day is normal according to analysis, but if you observe more than that it is basically because of your stress factor going on in your life. Work out and yoga can reduce your stress level and thus you hair fall may reduce to normal. If you don’t work on your stress it may affect your health and show bald patches.


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