Top Model Management Influencers


  • Jossa Nova: Jossa Nova graduated in Plastic Arts. She is noted for her work as an influencer in social networks, Model and Suicide Girl promoting the Body Positive. Her work as a model in the last five years in her country of origin Venezuela has allowed her to learn and gain experience. She has carried out fashion campaigns for brands of signature clothing, sportswear and lingerie, as well as cosmetics and stylists, which she has achieved using her own effort, perseverance and responsibility.
  • Cassandra Luna: She is a model who is known for her Instagram pictures with a variety of modelling content  and in swimwear and lingerie in her photoshoots. She have more than 80,000 Instagram followers in just a few years since she began her career in 2014.
  • Barbara Amerigo: Barbara is a Spanish model who became a part of the Monster Energy in 2013. She started posting on Instagram in 2013. She is a frequent traveller and shares pictures of her journeys. She is also a mother to a son born in April, 2014.
  • Daniel Mars: Daniel Mårs, also known as ‘dannemars’ on Instagram lives in Stockholm, Sweden together with his girlfriend and his daughter. Daniel got his first tattoo at the age of 17 and gradually got addicted to it. There was no stopping him after that. He started his career in 2018 and got more tattoos since then.
  • Tomas Brennan: Tomas has been a professional model for 10 years and has been involved with various agencies across the globe. He has been associated with global brands such as LG, ABC Mart, SK Telecom, etc.


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