How vintage became hotter than present-day fashion

Vintage is the new modern, and grandma’s closet has made a big comeback. Be it the miniskirts or the leather jackets, they’re in trend with a twist. Internet has played the biggest role in bringing back the vintage outfits, people have come to know what styles and outfits were in trend in the 80’s and the 90’s and the designers have never been this influenced before to remake old designer clothes and accessories. Fashion is like a cycle, what goes away comes back again; thus many fashion brands have made a comeback. Vintage clothing has become popular due to various factors- Change in values, technology, eco-sustainability and the trend of reusing and reutilising older goods.

Some vintage looks that are trending are:

a) Pearls- There’s nothing as vintage and as modern as a string of pearl necklace. Be it a single layer or a multilayer necklace, a pair of pearl earrings or a bracelet, if you wear any of them, you’re surely going to stand out.

b) Tweeds- Fashionistas have styled this absolutely aesthetic and vintage piece of clothing and have made them trending again. Although the materials have changed, but the styles is still hitting the streets like it did before.

c) Miniskirts- Miniskirts can be worn and styled with anything and everything. Be it a pair of sneakers or nude heels, they can be worn with anything; they’re like the Gigi Hadid of clothing.

d) Bishop sleeves- These sleeves have made a huge impact on their return and are already a blockbuster. The classic, huge, fluffy sleeves are all over the internet.

e) Kitten heels- A pair of kitten heels gives comfort, confidence and adds a dash of sexiness to any outfit. It was popularised by Audrey Hepburn , and have made a huge comeback.

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