The Best of London Fashion Week


The London Fashion Week was held from 17th-22nd September this year. London was a breath of fresh air after the New York Fashion Week. London Fashion Week was oozing with energy and vibrancy mainly due to the fresh new talents on show. The first change this year has to be the absence of prominent and well established names from the entire Fashion Week as a whole. Although the reasons for the absence differ, there has obviously been some debate regarding the necessity for twice-yearly catwalk commitment for all brands.

This season, these ideas seemed to have some relevance. Of course, for a number of reasons, brands like Kiko Kostadinov, who have been shaping the unique vision of his brand for a long time now, offered and presented an off-schedule at a venue which was deemed to be more appropriate for the brand.

Kiko Kostadinov is not the only brand to take an unusual approach this year. Designers Symonds Pearmain, who have had a history of being proactive and creative and hence pushing boundaries for presenting their garments opted to take a look-book approach this year.

One of the most prominent changes was the approach adopted by brands who are a few seasons old such as Richard Malone, and Phoebe English. These brands have adopted new approaches as opposed to the industry’s harmful practices.

The show of Richard Quinn was a feat of great proportions and colours and reminded us that this type of creativity still plays a fashionable role. The similar tendency for dramatic dimensions was shared by Matty Bovan. Both the structure and detailed exploration of textiles were inspiring in his clothing. Yasuko Furata’s Toga also had some very appreciable coats.

The shows of Richard Quinn, Toga, Richard Malone, Nensi Dojaka, Burberry stood apart from the others.

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