Modelling poses for beginner models


Modelling and posing in front of camera is an art. There need to have some learning skills to pose which cannot be done naturally. It has to be a continuous learning which gets better with more and more practice.

Once you are done with your makeup and ready for the camera first go through Google for some poses which will go with your outfit and your makeup. There are different styles of modelling poses with different categories of modelling.

Let’s look into the striking modelling poses you need to know before giving your best shots.

One hand on your hips

Put your hand on your hips to get a leaner and thinner look which is the most common yet classy pose which can be seen in most of the modelling photographs.

Candid poses

Look away from the camera, laugh out load or talk to someone for natural and candid pictures. Any poses sitting, standing or walking look very beautiful when some candid pictures are taken. Along with your expression there should be a connection between you and your photographer so that the pictures are taken in the right time and right way.

Play with your hairs

Twirl it or play with your hands for best outcomes of photography. Its just as simple as to turn your hand so that your hair swirl and its upon the photographer to make the picture look great without blurring it.

Talk with your eyes

Looking straight to the camera which captures your facial expression exposes what your want to say through your eyes. For such type of photography your need to have thoughts in your eyes.

Background wall

It is a very common type of photography where you can have a wall in your background which does 80% of your posing done. Lean on the wall in whatever way you want according to your outfit. Experiment with various poses with the wall.


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