How do Modelling Agencies work

A modelling agency is a company where the models are trained and prepared for the fashion world. The agencies get work for their models by creating their portfolio making them presentable to photographers, designers and top ad agencies. They make them only focused on their modelling by doing all their jobs from booking to billing.

The modelling agencies are the one’s who are responsible to build the career of the models by guiding and developing them in a successful model. From the model’s behalf the modelling agencies earn a commission of between 10% to 20% for managing the booking for the models. A 20% service charge is done on the client for whom the models are booked with not more than a total 40% on each booking.

A model agency requires young models who will survive in the industry for longer time and with a height of 5’7″ to 6’0″ for women and 5’9″ to 6’3″ for men. They will require new faces with every coming season.

There are different types of model screening process:

A casting call is a process of giving auditions with their portfolios to the clients for any specific project.

An opening call is when the models are allowed to meet the agency who are aspiring to become an model and walk for them without any proper appointment.

Go-see is an appointment with the clients for future work where the models are called requested to meet.

For your modelling career you need to be on time when you are called or you are for your audition. No photographer, agent or client will tolerate you if you are late in this field. Respect other’s time and schedule as arriving early is much better than arriving late.

When you are for your audition bring your portfolio of images along with you which is very important for your career which is called as a book. You should also have your marketing materials such as the companies you have worked for, your own comp card for a view of your work profile for your interviewer.


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