Makeup trends that will be sporting maximum in 2020

The best thing about fashion is it changes time to time and brings a new trend every year giving you a whole new reference to follow. But it must be very confusing to what to follow and what not. So, let us discuss about the makeup trends followed by celebrities and that will be sported in this year.

Rainbow eyeshadow and colourful mascara

If you love colour this trend is definitely for you. Get creative and go with different colours for you eye makeup and various shades of colours for your eyelashes as well. You can use blue or green shades if you are uneasy with lots of colours.

Smokey Eyes

Glittery smokey eyes are taking over the trend in 2020 which many celebs are showing with there looks with glitters on the top of there eyes. Ditch the matte smokey eyes and go for glitters for a gorgeous look for any party.

Glossy makeover

The glossy makeup is a big trend of 2020. Wear it on your eyes, lips and cheeks which will definitely give you a glowing look and not let you down. Apply gloss on your clear face and over the cheekbones and nose. Put a light lipstick and apply the gloss over it for a coloury touch.

Thick natural eyebrows

This must be confusing what kind of trend it is? Yes ladies this year brings you with your natural thick eyebrows in trend. So you don’t need to go through the painful plucking of your eyebrows and keep it as it is.

Dark shades of lipstick

Dark shades are the present time hit like cherry red, brown and purple colours. Select your favourite shades and combine it with clear skin and bold looks which gives you the perfect glance.

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