What’s its truly like to be a Fashion Model


Modelling is a field where there are many hurdles and barriers. 80% of the time one has to go through auditions to be shortlisted by the clients. You have to face a lot of no in this field but still have to keep going. You need to follow all the instruction of the clients and be on time when they calls you starting from walking on a line, show your portfolio, reading scripts for commercials and way more.

Models are basically products for the clients which they can keep and reject on their own settlement. They can say on your face that you don’t go with their requirement and you just can’t do anything rather than accept and forget it. You just need to deal well with all no’s.

Catwalks and fashion shows are not that easy how it looks and it requires a lot of practice before you are actually ready to showcase yourself as fashion model in shows. You need to synchronize your steps with every beat of the background music and it really need to be mastered. You are the one who has been chosen to showcase the glamorous piece of cloth in you and the feeling is truly amazing. Every eyes is focusing on you and its really hard to hold on your anxiousness inside you and walk through the runway with grace and elegance.

Photoshoots are again the toughest job here. You need to have makeup done and give a lot of photos for few good clicks. You can be given props to use in your photoshoots and its upon you how you skilfully use it. Before every photoshoot you need to practice a lot in front of the mirror with the best angle that suits your looks and your outfit.

Agencies prefers models of young age and as a career in modelling its a very less amount of time. Clients are always looking for new faces and models sticks in this field for not more than 10 years. If you can showcase yourself more in the market then you are likely to get more jobs.

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