Learn Photography ideas and follow these top fashion Photographers of 2020 – Instagram Influencers

Indian photographers have achieved height in wide aspects of photography. Regardless of family and society support, they have a craze to pursue a career in photography. Many of them are self taught than a degree in photography and India is a talent hub of expert photographers.

When we talk about fashion photography, it is all about capturing the fashion and trends keeping in mind the theme and making the photographs magical and striking. It is very challenging for the fashion photographers to create and enhance the product in every picture that they try to portray. So now we have a list of top famous photographers in the industry you should know to learn fashion photography skills and follow the trends and genres to improve yourselves.

Akruti Sarangdhar

Akruti Sarangdhar who took photography as a hobby which become her passion later-on. Based in Mumbai, she is a professional fashion photographer who is enthusiastic in looking everything as an art with some really mesmerizing photographs. Follow her Instagram page if you want to find creativity in pictures and experiment yourself in fashion and art.

Partha Nair

Partha Nair is one of the most famous fashion photographers from Bangalore whom you must follow for experimental photography ideas. He has a collection of vintage photographs of fashion and jewelry mostly with Indian glance.

Sankha Malakar

Sankha Malakar is a Kolkata based fashion photographer with the name @Photoncreator in Instagram you can follow for inspirational photographs in wedding, fashion, portrait photography. He started his career as an HR but later he took photography as a passion and converted himself as a full time fashion photographer. If you are passionate about photography, he is a real inspiration you must follow.

Amit Dey

Amit Dey is a Mumbai based fashion photographer who finds his peace in coffee and travelling with photography. If you are also a traveller and passionate about photography then he is the one you can’t skip following.

Amitava Saha

A Calcutta based fashion photographer, Amitava Saha has took the field of fashion photography into another level. He has a passion for photography since his childhood and his work definitely shows it all. If you follow his Instagram profile you are surely gonna love his black and white collections.

Sushant Chhabria

Another famous name in the field of photography is Shushant Chhabria, the Mumbai based photographer. He had worked with many fashion houses across the country among which his recent work for Satya Paul is breathtaking.

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