How to become a makeup artist- Start your career

Thinking of becoming a professional makeup artist? Great choice, as it is the area of excitement and fun working in the field of makeup artistry. So you must also be thinking of how to get it started as a career. Persuing makeup artistry as your career, it is highly desirable that you work as a freelancer so that you can choose your clients, build your brand, and set your own time and pay rate.

Once you get your makeup certification, you need to build your brand as well as need to be known. So here are the step-by-step dos and don’ts you need to follow to acquire all the skills you will need to become a freelance makeup artist.

Homework: Though you have certification in makeup artistry, it is necessary for you to learn more and more in this field. The more you practice the more you have free hands as an artist. Sharpen your skills through online and offline classes as much as possible. Training yourself will be more fruitful than formal education when you are nip and tuck with other aspiring makeup artists.

Promote Yourself: As we have seen, today, social media is ranking highest in promotion and advancement. Put your makeup videos and pictures on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram and show the world your creativity.

Update yourself: Update yourself with the new trends and fashion when you are opting for a makeup artist. Knowing the trend will keep you updated about the products, new brands, new makeup application techniques, and whatnot.

Networking: A good network is mandatory in the field of makeup artistry. To experience and grow your client list you need to master the art of marketing and networking. When you are a freelance makeup artist, you never know when and how you are going to get a job, so making new connections should always be on your top priority.

Create a makeup portfolio: This is essential for people to know who you are and how is your services. So create your makeup portfolio with the best jobs you have done with the best clients.

Attend beauty-related events: Don’t miss the beauty-related events around you and try to gain more knowledge and expand your list of industry contacts which will be beneficial for you in your future work.

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